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This week I find myself amidst the chaos that is Covid-19. Shops and restaurants closing, mass amount of hoarding, growing needs within the communities. Misinformation and lack of from different sources has created confusion as well as some form of panic. A blow to the economic standard that we have all taken for granted living in a spoiled and privilege society that often has more than we can dispose of. We feel trapped in many cases, handcuffed to uncertainty and hard pressed for decisions.

It is in these times where our resolve is tested, our faith is invoked to God's unyielding love for His creation. We not only step out on faith but we are pushed into our authentic spiritual nature that resides deep into our hearts. As I look to God's word for this troubling time the formula for healing jumped off the page in

2 Chronicles 7:14;

"if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Healing from Heaven! Look at the prescription for His people, "If my people...( those called under His banner of love and grace) ...shall humble themselves...(lower themselves of self importance)..."and pray...(key to any and all breakthroughs always starts with prayer)...and seek my face...(nothing happens without the command Jesus gave on the mount to His disciples on what we should be doing especially in these times)...and turn from their wicked ways...(God wants repentance during this time of lent [interesting God allows this to happen during lent])...Here's the main course, ...then will I hear from heaven, (God requires steps before He moves! He looks for faith from His people to come to Him for anything and everything!) ...Here's the reward...and I will forgive them of their sins and will heal their land. (God 's prognosis is in His Word!) The formula is clear:

Humble ourselves


Seek God's face


Stay prayed up doing this time of testing!

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Thank you Rev. Keith for today’s sermon. The three points were very appropriate for our time of need.


Keisha Smith-Davis
Keisha Smith-Davis
Mar 29, 2020

Happy Sunday thank you for this message and encouraging words!


Thank you Rev. Keith.


Thank you Pastor Keith for these words of comfort at this time.


Dorinda Williams
Dorinda Williams
Mar 18, 2020

Thanks Pastor!

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