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Joseph Washington is a 52-year-old U.S. Army veteran who is running a mile in every one of the 50 states to bring awareness to homeless veterans. He started his journey on a Tuesday, Aug. 29, here in Anchorage, and plans to have all his miles done in all 50 states in a year. It's basically one mile a week in each state. He also has a film crew shooting a documentary about his journey to bring awareness to the mental and physical challenges facing veterans who are homeless. He hopes to raise $50,000 along the way. So, 50 miles, 50 states, and $50,000. The journey has begun. If you’d like to know more about Joseph and why he decided to run or to donate, here’s a link to his website —

Article and coverage from Alaska's News Source published: Aug. 30, 2023 at 9:25 PM CDT

To see the article and video, click here.

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